From Nordkapp to Tarifa


This adventure was initially to attempt a though walk of the E1 Trail from Nordkapp at the top of Norway to Cape Passero at the bottom of Sicily. Alas things do not always go to plan.

The walk across Mageroya was a farce with soft deep snow I was unequipped to deal with, and a track that always seemed to be in the opposite direction to the easiest path.

Looking across at the mainland it was apparent there was more of the same. After crossing the island I hitched back to Honningsvag to reconsider.

Plan B was to road walk to Olderfjord and as the tunnels on the Honningsvag- Olderfjord road created a problem, I took the ferry to Havoysund (roughly level with the Mageroya tunnel). Shortly before Lillefjord with toenails peeling off, I started hitching. The raised roads throughout northern Norway give no reprieve from pounding the bitumen. Even worse a chat with locals at Olderfjord confirmed soft snow (and a need to road walk) for at least 500km.

I was too early (or late) in the season and certainly had too many seasons behind me to achieve the original objective. So I returned to Alta, bought a bike and trailer, loaded them on a bus to Hammerfest (roughly level with Lillefjord) and started my quest south again by bike.

The objective remains a North-South crossing of Europe.

Four months into the adventure I have cycled 5,700 km to Nantes, France (and am currently having a two break with my wife in Paris).

I invite you to share my adventure.

Stephen Caines (Dotz)