Doo Doo Doo – Another one bites the dust

Ah! No wonder English is the global language when you have magnificent wordsmiths like Freddie Mercury to quote.

I was hoping to open by saying “Hi! I’m in Rosencranz”, but alas it is 100 metres away across the Danish-German border and doesn’t have a camping site.

So from battered and bruised in Løkken 4 sleeps ago, here I am at the end of the Danish leg (albeit a short leg of 457km and one quick ferry hop).

It’s quite strange. After being able to get very immersed in Norway, in a week (less 2 hours), I’ve gone from disembarking the ferry in Hirtshals to completing the stage.

So what can I say about the thin sliver of Denmark I have seen? It’s flat! It has a sand dune that runs the length of the west coast- so I didn’t see much of the North Sea. But it does have long stretches of inland lakes/bays that are teeming with birds (and frogs). It is dotted with charming thatch-roofed cottages and barns that are simply beautiful in the early morning mist. And it has hundreds of wind turbines.

I didn’t really get much done in Løkken as I couldn’t find a bicycle or camera shop, so mainly I slept and ate and slept again. My only break from being lazy was fitting my spare tyre and cleaning and lubricating the gears and attaching my Norwegian flag sticker.

After two days break I headed south again following the coastal road (the Kystvej and variations of “coast way”). It was a flat route and in four rides I covered 114km to Klitmøller, 90km to Thorsminde, 122km to Esbjerg and the final 91km to Rudbøl.

In such a small country it was quite a mix of scenery- stretches of forest, dune grass with some remnant gun emplacements, 19th century villages, industrial zones, harbours, oil rig maintenance and the ubiquitous wind turbines.

As for me – I’m a bit tired. The initial abrasions are all healing well but if anything the bruising is taking its toll. They seem to have slowly risen to the surface and my right leg in particular is a mottled black and yellow from the knee down and my lower back and right knee are not great.

So I am staying put here for three nights and am planning to do absolutely nothing – other than consume as much protein as I can (lots of bacon for breakfast this morning followed by half a chicken at lunch and steak and chips for dinner).

Afraid still no camera and didn’t have too many opportunities to stop and take photos, but here are the few I took.


An Inauspicious Start

A quick post from Løkken where I am having a break hopefully to get a new camera, service my bike (and now myself).

Headed off from Hirtshals (overcast and occasional showers) on a route that quickly went off road again. Pondering things far away (stay in the moment stupid) I rounded a turn into a dip and soft gravel. Couldn’t steer. Couldn’t brake. Went down big time.

After making sure there were no bones protruding I continued on for a while ignoring the blood patches expanding on my sleeve and pants before having a break to check the damage.

Not pretty (see pics).

Anyway made my way along trails and backroads to Lønstrup (lovely beach resort but wasn’t in the mood to stop and take photos) and abandoning the marked route followed the “main” road to Løkken.

Very busy and very full so have ended up with an apartment for three nights. Off shortly to find a bicycle shop and a pharmacy.

Left side very sore but I can at least move my shoulder again.

Have finally concluded my bike is not geared up for the marked route so will make up my own! Will need to go a bit more inland for the next 100km until it gets more built up and a coastal road begins but it is very flat so it won’t take too long.

Oh well … At least it wasn’t a train!


My nice new top :(
My nice new top 🙁
My nice old elbow :(((
My nice old elbow :(((

Welcome to Denmark!