I Made It


I arrived at Tarifa just after midday today and after 185 days and 7,985km this journey is at an end.

The ride from Seville was exhausting and I will leave it for another time. Needless to say, all I want to do now is go home.

The bike has a new home and job (running errands for the hotel in Algeciras), everything I no longer need has been tossed away, and my train and plane tickets are booked.

A large pizza awaits me next door while I wait for morning to arrive in Bendigo and can chat to Rose, whose constant encouragement saw me through.

It has been an amazing experience but I am glad it is finished. Not sure if I have too many more hills in my legs.

To those I have met on my journey, I thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with my cyclist’s tan!


The End is Nigh

It’s Tuesday evening after a rest day in Seville. My ride along the Ruta del la Plata is at an end and tomorrow I turn southeast towards Tarifa.

It’s been a very pleasant ride since Bejar passing through Plasencia, Càceres, Merida, Zafra, and many hills and small villages in between. Definitely a good route for sightseeing (by train or car) though for the many pilgrims I saw on the road it was a much tougher route than the Camino from France.

Two longish rides over the next two days as I journey to Arcos de la Frontera and then Algeciras and then a leisurely 23km to Tarifa.

The adventure is coming to a close.

I have heaps of photos but as the wifi is playing up not all are loaded. Giving up to have dinner but I will add more tomorrow (with luck).

To Plasencia

To Càceres

To Merida

To Seville

In Seville