In Bejar

Well another week has past and I have had some great rides as I have made my from Burgos to Bejar. 7298km down and 657km to go, each day is becoming another skip in the countdown.

First stop after Burgos was Castrojeriz, a lovely little village and my last stop on the Camino de Santiago. Food was great, people were friendly and buildings and vista beautiful. Then it was Palencia (hmmm!), Toro, Zamora (where I joined the Ruta del la Plata) and Salamanca – all three I would recommend as must see places.

Salamanca in particular was fantastic, not just for the beauty of the buildings, but because of the number of them. At times you could turn around 360-degrees as see magnificent architecture. An afternoon did not do it justice and it is a place where Rose and I will return (oh yes, it also has heaps of great show shops).

After Salamanca is was then a tough ride to Bejar. Over a 1000m of hill climbing over the tail of the Sierra de Gredos before finally putting the high plateau behind me and starting the decent to Bejar.

Not quite the end of hills though as I still have the Sierra Morena to cross before Seville, but the pass above Bejar at 1200m was the highest point of the ride.

As much as the days riding between coffee shops in idyllic villages is a great way to spend a day, it has been a week where I feel tired. It’s been a great adventure but I am looking forward to it ending, and with luck after ten more rides it will.

Huge congratulations to Rachel on the completion of her thesis. The world now has a definitive account of Christopher Lambert’s affect on Scottish National Identity🙃  OK, maybe that’s Highlanders in general. We are all very proud of her.

Time for another stroll to loosen my legs for tomorrow, though as I lose 500m of altitude it will mainly be a matter of hanging on and enjoying the ride.

Best wishes to all.









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