The Norwegian leg of the E1 trail runs from Nordkapp to Grövelsjön, a distance of 2,036 km.  Much of the time the trail follows the border with Sweden and crosses it many times.  It also has a few walking days in Finland.  Logistically this will be the toughest section of the walk, with towns few and far between.  Once the walking season opens on June 25, things should improve with many huts on the various trails providing food supplies and meals (I hope).  In the early stages it will be light rations and a need to hitch or bus out to larger towns to restock.

Norway_Sweden E1 Trail

I have broken the Norwegian section of the trail is broken into seven stages, aligned to the expected resupply points, though depending on the situation on the ground some I made need to bus (or hitch) out to larger towns.

Nordkapp to Kautokeino

This is the most recent addition to the E1 Trail completing its length to the North.  It is a marked route and I have included a detour via Olderfjord/Russenes to top on supplies as 350km will probably require more food than I can carry!

Nordkapp to Kautokeino

This stage can be broken into 4 parts

Nordkapp to Veidneset – this is a 32km walk across the island. As far as I am aware you are not allowed to walk through the tunnel to the mainland and I will need to catch a bus at Veidneset through the Nordkapp Tunnel.

Vesterpollen to Russenes – a 90km walk from the tunnel to the fishing village of Olderfjord/Russenes on a newly poled route. Russenes has a supermarket so I hope to top up supplies (or at least goodies).

Russenes to Masi – 193km through the Stabbursdalen National Park.  There is a DNT hut (Bojobeaskihytta) and two lodges in the National Park, but it may be too early in the season to take advantage of them.  Masi is a fairly small settlement but supposedly has a good takeaway!

Masi to Kautokeino – 64km cutting the curve out of a highway that connects them.  Kautokino is the main administrative centre and my first main resupply point.  I am not really sure how good a resupply point it will and I may need to bus out to Alta.

Kautokeino to Kilpisjärvi

At Kautokeino, I join the Nordkalottleden Trail and the start of the Norwegian Trekkers Association and Swedish Tourist Association Hytta (hut) systems.  This 200km stage crosses into Finland (just after Somashytta) and follows established trails through the Reisa National Park and Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. Not sure if it will be a new hut each day as some are 30km apart, but should have lots of daylight to play with. Kilpisjärvi (in Finland) is a small Sami settlement and my second resupply point.

Kautokeino to Abisko

Kilpisjärvi to Abisko Turiststation

At Kilpisjärvi, I join the Grensesømmen Trail and follow it for the 182km walk through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve in Finland, Øvre Dividal National Park in Norway and finally back into Sweden to Abisko Turistsation.  A more popular walk the huts start getting closer together, and as the “walking season” commences on 25 June, hopefully there will be more people around and the huts open for business.

Abisko Turiststation to Sulitjelma

This 310km stage follows the Kungsleden from Abisko Turistation branching onto the Nordkalottleden after Sälkastugorna finishing at this trail’s southern end in Sulitjelma.  I may need to bus to Fauske if no supplies can be found here.

Abisko to Sulitjelma

Sulitjelma to RoyrvikSulitjelma to Umbukta fjellstue

This 231km stage is mainly an unmarked route meandering either side of the E6 high along on the Norwegian side of the border. The end point is a bus stop where I will need to catch a bus out along the E12 to Mo I Rana for resupply before returning to resume the trail.


Umbukta fjellstue to Røros

This section gets complicated as it is 725km without a town on the way.  It is however serviced by a number of Norwegian Trekker Association and Private huts and so has plenty of opportunities opportunities to get meals and treats along the way.

Røros to Grövelsjön

This 110km stage completes the Norwegian leg of the trail.

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