The Swedish (proper) stage of the E1 Trail runs 1,200km from the mountain retreat of Grövelsjön through central Sweden to the coastal town of Varberg.  With inter-connects this stage follows seven of the major trails in Sweden.

The Southern Kungsleden

The Southern Kungsleden runs 187km from Grövelsjön to Sälen passing through the Långfjället and Drevfjällen Nature Reserves, the Fulufjället National Park and the Skarsåsfjällens, Norra Transtrandsfjällens and Hundfjällets Nature Reserves.   Five large carnivore species live in the varied landscape along the Southern Kungsleden Trail: bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and golden eagle – but the guides assure me that “All carnivores are shy and avoid people”.  Hopefully they have read the guides.

Roros to Mora

The Vasaloppsleden

The Vasaloppsleden runs 90km from Sälen to Mora on an Easy rated trail that follows a popular cross-country skiing route, with accommodation and restaurants and the odd small village on the route.

The Siljanleden

The Siljanleden runs 70km from Mora to Leksand where civilisation begins to encroach and I will start a 117km section of assorted trails and back roads to Kloten and the start of the Bergslagsleden.

The Bergslagsleden

The Bergslagsleden runs 276km from Kloten to Stenkällegården and appears to be one of the more popular wildnerness trails in Sweden, with regular checkpoints and huts along the route.  According the trail website 20,00 people walk it each year, so I imagine that this is at least one place on the trail that I will not be lonely!

The Västra Vätterleden

The Västra Vätterleden runs 177km from Stenkällegården to Mullsjö.  The trail is walked over 8 sections with villages or holiday camps at the end of each stretch.

The Sjuhäradsleden  (and others)

From Mullsjö the trail becomes fragmented taking parts of the Sjuhäradsleden,  Knalleleden,  Vildmarksleden and Bohusleden to connect to the final show-piece walk the Hallandsleden – 160km to west of Mullsjö.  A more populated part of Sweden the trails here are mainly by-pass trails.

The Hallandsleden

The E1 Trail in Sweden ends at Varberg via a 119km section of the Hallandsleden which it joins in  Stensjön.  From Varberg, a ferry runs to Grenå, the start of the Danish stage.

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