The German stage of the E1 Trail covers 1,970km dissecting Germany via Hamburg, Frankfurt on the way to Switzerland.

Germany E1 Trail

Padborg to Hamburg

The first German stage runs 448km from Padborg to Hamburg.  The route follows to the west of the A7 (an autobahn with a really long name) to Friedichsberg where it then heads east to the Baltic Sea coast before completing a curve back to Hamburg.

Hamburg to Fuhrberg

A 239km stage from Hamburg to Fuhrberg (just north of Hanover).

Fuhrberg to Frankfurt

Probably worth a few stages (at 699km) but combines a series of forest walks, never far from a main road with lots of towns on the way.  As the weather will be getting wetter and days shorter by this stage, a warm meal and bed every now and then will be welcome.

Frankfurt to Heidelberg

124km (more forest trails between towns)

Heidelberg to Feldburg

The stage between Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen and Feldburg is a 319km walk through the towns and forests of the Black Forest region and is the prelude to the Alps that lie ahead.  Starting at a low point of 88m at the Ziegelhausen railway stages it progressively ascends to 1274m at Feldburg.

Feldburg to Kreuzlingen

A 168km eastern traverse to Switzerland.


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