Italy E1 TrailThe Italian stage of the E1 Trail begins in Porto Ceresio and heads south following the Ticono and Po river valleys toward Genova before heading up into the Appiennes where it joins the Grande Escursione Appenninica (GEA). From the southern end of the GEA at the village of Castelluccio di Norcia, the defined E1 Trail currently continues to Scapoli in the province of Isernia where it ends.

From Scapoli, I have found a number of trails that will take my journey further south to Santuario Madonna Del Pollino in what seems to be a “natural” continuation of the currently described E1 Trail.  Another “natural” trail recommences at Spezzano Piccolo that connects to the Trail of Brigands and continues to Reggio Calabria.  My current planned route between Santuario Madonna Del Pollino and Spezzano Piccolo is a bit erratic, but takes in a few National Parks and Mountain Ridges that should offer great views and walking.

From Reggio Calabria, I plan to take the ferry across to Tremestieri in Sicily and walk along the coast to to Capo Passero.



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