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My name is Stephen Caines, I currently live in Bendigo Australia, I am 56, and after too much time in the rat race, I decided to have a mid-life crisis a few years ago and go for a walk.

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Exhausted after lugging my pack from the bus stop in Kaitaia (the launching point for the 3,000km New Zealand Te Aroroa Trail) to a motel, it seemed like an ominous decision; but after a series of disasters in the North Island, I did eventually get fitter and thoroughly enjoyed the South island and in retrospect the whole 5-month walk.  A word of advice though – if you are going to do one of these adventures, the odd walk around the block beforehand is probably a good idea.

That was October 2013-March 2014 and after another stint in the corporate world to get more money, I am off again.  This time – after doing the Tasmanian Overland trail in November 2015 and taking (actually more like following) my sons to Everest Basecamp in January 2016 – in much better condition.

I head off with the knowledge that the journey will be long and hard and that the destination may be beyond me.  But it is the “fear of starting” that is life’s biggest threat.  Vita non est recensendum – Life is not a dress rehearsal.


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